Octomom has been slow to learn what many parents know all too well: Kids are expensive, especially when you have more than a dozen of them.

Proving the point? She's back on welfare.

TMZ reports that Nadya Suleman filed for welfare five months after going off of the government assistance program last year. Why? Apparently her rehab bills were too high (which seems odd when initial reports stated the facility was footing the bill on her behalf).

Octomom entered treatment for a Xanax dependency in October to the surprise of no one with even one child, let alone 14 and no spouse, partner, steady income or quality life decisions. Case in point: Michael Lohan claimed his nonprofit rehab group (that may or may not actually exist) is involved in cleaning her up.

California taxpayers are now on the hook for $1,800 a month to feed her brood, $1,000 a month for emergency cash and also state medical benefits for Nadya and her kids, who likely do -- or will -- need plenty of meds to function.

To her credit, she reportedly only plans to use Uncle Sam's cash and bennies until she can support herself again. Suleman first went off of welfare in July 2012 because she got a job: Loving herself. Manually. In award-nominated soft-core masturbation porn.

(We'd be willing to foot her bills for a year if we could get the mental image of that damned video out of our heads.)