Justin Bieber's apparent allergy to shirts lately has caused celebs like Olivia Wilde to snark at him to put some clothes on already -- but if there's anyone who'd know when it is and isn't okay for a dude to go topless, it's gotta be Matthew McConaughey.

And someone finally asked for his opinion.

When Entertainment Weekly wondered out loud if Bieber is the heir apparent to his muscular throne, McConaughey mentioned that the singer keeps going shirtless in airports, but adds that's not necessarily a bad thing.

“I’m not saying you got to wear a shirt in an airport, especially I think [if] he’s flying private. He can wear what he wants," McConaughey joked. "It’s appropriate wherever you say it’s appropriate; it’s your shirt."

So there you have it: Shirtless is always okay. Funerals, baptisms, chaperoning school dances, anywhere, because it's your shirt and you can take it off if you want to. Matthew McConaughey says so!

Check out the entire video above, and then head over to EW to see tips for being shirtless without looking like a tool. (Subtitled: 'How to be Matthew McConaughey.')

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