Director Steven Soderbergh introduced 'Magic Mike' star Matthew McConaughey at the New York Critic Awards with an anecdote about a time during filming when a super-excited extra tried to stick her finger up the actor's ass.

What, no one's ever introduced you that way?

The director's speech went a little something like this: “While we were shooting Matthew’s script sequence, one very impassioned woman extra pulled his G-string off and tried to stick her finger up his butt.”

“And when I remembered that, I thought, You know, where I come from, you stand up for a guy who brings that kind of game to your movie,” he added, as if McConaughey would object to such behavior.

The slightly embarrassing story was made more so considering Matthew was there to accept his Best Supporting Actor Award for the film and then had to give his own speech in front of respected members of the media and serious actors like Daniel Day Lewis.

After accepting the honors, McConaughey clarified to Sodenbergh and the crowd, “I don’t think she was trying to stick her finger up my butt. She was trying to put it somewhere, though, and you got it on film. It worked out.”

No word on which scene it was, so next time you see 'Magic Mike,' just watch for the moment when McConaughey looks particularly surprised.