Matthew McConaughey looks like he's trying out for the role of The Joker in his iridescent maroon and blue suit that can only be described as absolutely hideous. The actor is genetically blessed and this suit certainly detracts from that.

To borrow a phrase from Annette Bening in 'American Beauty' -- is he tryingto look unattractive?

McConaughey wore the offending outfit to the NYC premiere of 'Mud' on April 21. He could have worn actual mud and nothing else and looked better (all the while delighting his female fanbase, of course). His lovely wife Camila Alves is the only thing saving this pic.

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We're sorry we dragged Reese Witherspoon, who has problems of her own right now, into this mess. But hey, she posed with him while he was wearing this checked court jester's suit.

Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Here he is, isolated, which is how anyone wearing this suit should be.

Charles Eshelman, FilmMagic

We hope McConaughey burns this outfit and never, ever wears it again. Unless, of course, he was being ironic. Still, we couldn't forgive him for it.

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