Olivia Wilde bravely went where many dare not dwell (except for Patrick Carney, who seems to enjoy igniting the ire of teenage fan bases) by insulting Justin Bieber on the interwebs.

This, of course, prompted Beliebers the world over to fetch their torches and pitchforks in defense of their demigod.

After Wilde saw photos of Justin walking around London in 35 degree weather without a shirt on, she took to Twitter and wrote:

“Bieber, put your f–ing shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)"

And with those fighting words, the lovely Miss Wilde was besieged by angry fan comments, most of which were grammatically-incorrect ways of calling her an old lesbian nobody. Examples that have either been deleted or cannot be reproduced in full here without a NSFW warning include, “r u a lesbian or r u too old” and “who are you again? huh? exactly.”

Just for reference, Olivia is only 29. And last we heard, her lady parts get quite the workout from fiance Jason Sudeikis, thanks.

But according to Justin's fans, her inability to appreciate the shirtless Bieber form means she must be old enough to spend her free time handing out Werther's Originals to the neighborhood kids, and gay enough to ... wait. Given all those comparisons between the Biebs and young lesbians, maybe they're on to something here.

Anyway, no word on if Justin himself has heard the outcry. But since he's against cyberbullying, maybe he'll eventually command his forces to stand down.

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