Olivia Wilde

Celebrities Who Married as Teens
Experts say the younger you are when you get married, the more likely your marriage is to end in divorce. Still, that hasn't stopped plenty of stars from taking the plunge before their 20th birthdays -- and while most of these unions predictably didn't last, a few did stand the test of tim…
Best Workout Ever
Want to lose weight and have fun doing it? According to comedian Jason Sudeikis, it's easy. All you have to do is be in a relationship with Olivia Wilde, spend a bunch of time sexing her up, and the pounds will just melt away.
How's that for an infomercial?
Best Bride Ever
Being a bridesmaid is tough business.
It's expensive and you often end up stuck in a dress of the bride's taste and choosing -- one you normally wouldn't have selected for yourself. You wear it once and it's exiled to a hanger -- maybe even a wire one at that -- in the back of your closet for the re…
Giggle With Gilda
'Saturday Night Live' comedian Jason Sudeikis and his lovely fiancee Olivia Wilde brought the yuks to Kansas City, Missouri to raise money for the cancer support group Gilda's Club, named after the late legendary 'SNL' comedienne Gilda Radner.
Best + Worst Dressed of the Week
Our Best + Worst Dressed this week finds Taylor Swift occupying two spots and mommy-to-be Halle Berry on the right side of maternity dressing. There are also some familiar faces who keep repeating their positions on this list.
Lucky Guy
Further proving she's a keeper, actress Olivia Wilde recently took her betrothed, comedian and 'SNL' cast member Jason Sudeikis, on a romantic date at a strip club. Because making it rain at home is just no fun at all.
Best + Worst Dressed of the Week
It's time for this week's Best and Worst Dressed, with actress Kirsten Dunst getting the LBD right thanks to smart makeup and accessorizing, the pregnant Fergie getting the LBD all wrong with her Stevie Nicks-like layers -- and more.
Wilde Words
It wasn't long ago that Olivia Wilde, caring person that she is, used Twitter to offer some advice to young Justin Bieber, who recently walked around London sans shirt like a tiny Canadian Matthew McConaughey.
Afterwards, she took a whole lotta heat from the world's Beliebers -- and on Tue…
Wilde Words
Olivia Wilde bravely went where many dare not dwell (except for Patrick Carney, who seems to enjoy igniting the ire of teenage fan bases) by insulting Justin Bieber on the interwebs.
This, of course, prompted Beliebers the world over to fetch their torches and pitchforks in defense of their demigod.
Guess He Liked It
Congrats to 'SNL' actor Jason Sudeikis and former 'House' actress and unfairly beautiful Olivia Wilde are engaged.
Gentlemen, this is further proof: The funny guy always gets the hot girl in the end.
Olivia Wilde Without Makeup
Some people look good with and without makeup. One of those people is Olivia Wilde, and if she didn't seem so sweet we'd probably punch her for it.
Curses to you Olivia. You AND your glowing porcelain skin.
Dr. Feelgood
On Monday, actress Olivia Wilde participated in 'These Girls,' an evening of monologues hosted by Glamour magazine in NYC, where we all learned a little more than we probably wanted to about Wilde's ladyparts.
For example, she experienced a sort of vagina-death during her marriage to an Italian prin…