What a difference some time (and some food) makes.

Actor Matthew McConaughey, who dropped 30 pounds to play an ’80s AIDS patient in the film ‘The Dallas Buyers Club,' is now back in fighting shape for a new TV series, 'True Detective,' which is currently filming in New Orleans.

McConaughey was spotted on set looking more like he did in his 'Magic Mike' days, but with some sweet 'Anchorman' hair and a faux tattoo of a vicious bird of some kind.

His new high-concept cop drama was picked up for an eight-episode order by HBO and features an “elevated serial narrative with multiple perspectives and time frames.” McConaughey is playing detective Rust Cohle, who's on a 17-year hunt for a Louisiana serial killer.

Obviously tracking down murderers agrees with him. Welcome back, Mr. McConaughey. You (and your biceps) have been missed.

Matthew McConaughey
Pacific Coast News

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