Lindsay Lohan is continuing her crusade to woo the Wanted singer Max George -- you know, the dude who ditched her when she got too drunk and then popped a psychic in the face.

Us Weekly reports that Lohan traipsed her way to Philadelphia's Q102 Jingle Ball concert to hang out with the British boy band backstage. She also chilled out with fellow ginger Ed Sheeran, also from across the pond.

Still, don't expect the head-shaved Brit to succumb to her advances just because she's following him around. In fact, George wasn't exactly sure how LiLo even got to the show, because sources tell TMZ he didn't even invite her.

Still, the 'Mean Girls' actress was signing autographs backstage at the show. Some pals suspect George invited her and just won't admit it. That's cold, bro.

Additionally, it's unclear if Lohan and George even interacted at the show.

George also insisted that he and La Lohan are "100 percent not dating." Guess she's not a good enough girl, eh?