Now that super-lawyer Shawn Holley has agreed to represent Lindsay Lohan again like a true masochist, she's throwing down the gauntlet and making sure she gets the dough she's owed from last time.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ that when Shawn finally agreed to take her embattled client back (after much pleading on Lindsay's part), her first stipulation was that Linds pay the $150,000 debt she racked up before dumping Holley for the bumbling Mark Heller.

And Shawn doesn't screw around -- aside from demanding repayment, she's already started to earmark Lilo's future paychecks for herself so the money can't slip away from her again. On top of that, Shawn gave Team Lindsay a strict payment plan.

Stuck between an eight ball and a hard place, Linds agreed to all the terms. After all, she's has little to no money coming in -- but if one story is to be believed, she just missed out on a $30,000 payday.

Industry insider Roger Friedman is reporting that Morningside Rehab, the unlicensed facility she defied court orders to attend, had offered her 30 large to be there. Supposedly, the money wasn't there when she arrived, and that's why she bounced.

One thing's for sure: She won't be making anything for the duration of her 90-day rehab stay (she's ensconced at the famed Betty Ford Clinic, if you didn't know), meaning her 'Liz & Dick' money will have to last a little longer. After all, cigarettes and sunglasses don't buy themselves.