Lindsay Lohan had an incompetent attorney in Mark Heller (though he still managed to get her out of jail free -- well, almost free). If you're wondering why she chose him over her longstanding, perfect-record lawyer Shawn Holley, the answer may be getting clearer: She's in business with Heller's son.

And considering her acting career is apparently toast, she needs whatever paychecks she can get.

Fox News reports that Lohan has been pals with and a favorite of Heller's son Michael for years. Michael is a club promoter who often helps stage celeb photo ops, which are basically the only thing -- other than sugar daddies and Charlie Sheen -- that are paying La Lohan's bills. (And sometimes still not even.)

In fact, Michael Heller is the one who hooked Lohan up with Mr. Pink -- and Mr. Pink's private jet, which is what finally got her belated behind to court earlier this week.

"Mike books gigs for Lindsay and they've known each other for a long time," a source said. "She's not likely to part ways with his father anytime soon, because of her strong ties to his son. Without brand promotion, Lindsay would be in a lot deeper financial trouble."

Apparently she and Michael go so far back that he's actually the one who introduced her to her ex, Samantha Ronson.

Maybe she needs new friends.

She found one in Avi Snow, singer of City of the Sun. Lilo went to see the band instead of catching her original flight to court last weekend, and now it's been revealed that she's been dating Snow, a guitarist in the indie group, for a whole two weeks.

“’Avi’s not a feckless party animal ... he works in that industry, sure, but he’s got a good head on his shoulders,” a source told The Daily Mail (via Radar Online).

“He’s from a solid background and doesn’t get involved with the drugs scene, he doesn't even drink much … basically, he knows who is and likes control, he could help Lindsay.”