Remember how Lindsay Lohan swore she was staying in for New Year's Eve? Yeah, about that.

Despite her booty call Max George of the Wanted being stateside for 'New Year's Rockin' Eve,' Lohan spent the holiday in London and reportedly partied all night with her own (unfit) mom, Dina.

The Orange Oprah and her freckled spawn hung around at the Dorchester hotel Monday night, with witnesses telling Radar Online that they pretty much looked "haggard." We're not sure why that's news, because Dina's been looking younger than Lindsay for the last two years, both in appearance and action.

TMZ snagged some rather unflattering photos of Linds, and while it's hard to tell if she was legitimately bloated or just shot from a bad angle, it's safe to say she's looked better. (Not recently, but she has.) Her face is droopy and full of fillers, her hair looks a hot mess, her outfit is unflattering and she can barely keep her eyes open.

La Lohan may have wanted to start 2013 off on the right foot, but she did it with the wrong face.

In any case, witnesses say the mother-daughter tag-team of terror had even more fun on Sunday night (Dec. 30) when Lilo reportedly "looked out of it," and both she and her mom's eyes were glazed over.

Witnesses said Dina was stumbling and couldn't keep her balance, but since she totes never drinks or does drugs, it was probably all the cobblestones' fault. And the paparazzi's. And Michael Lohan's. Oh, and obviously Dr. Phil's.

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