Dina Lohan, who spawned daughter Lindsay and has been living off the reflected glory ever since, will appear on 'Dr. Phil' on Monday, Sept. 17, and the sneak-peek is glorious (and by "glorious" we mean "a disaster of epic proportions").

In the clip, it looks like Mama Lohan prepped for the sit-down by maybe downing a few cases of Merlot, or no wait, Schlitz, since she's a Lohan and they're classy that way.

First, she doesn't know the cameras are on and asks if they're rolling, even after Dr. Phil begins the interview. Then Dina cries and says, "You're like, in your little tie and your little shoes," and he's all "the hell?" and calls her phony. Finally, the TV shrink presents Lohan with a video timeline of Lindsay's eff-ups (which could stretch on for eternity but are mercifully edited to a highlights reel) and Dina rebuts, "If she was living in New York, five of them would be obsolete."

We like to think that every time a Lohan goes off the rails, an angel gets its wings.

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