It seemed like Christmas came early in September when Cody Simpson assured fans that he and Justin Bieber had a definite duets album on the way, but it appears Santa has rescinded his gifts and retreated back up the chimney.

In a story published yesterday (July 9) by MTV News, Simpson said he and Bieber will not press forward with the work as planned, even though they have the material to make it happen.

"We worked on a bunch of other songs, but then we decided to put them away, because we both had different directions we wanted to go in,” he said. “Not because we didn’t want to be friends—I just wanted to truck as much as I can down this way and he wanted to reestablish himself in this world over here, so we didn’t want to release something where people are like, ’Oh, these two kids are just the same.'"

And though a potential crossover is on hold indefinitely, Simpson said he's not completely ready to count it out.

"Once I establish myself down this path and he’s down this path, it’s much more interesting...when you see two artists that are so different come together,” he told the site.

The duo played together as recently as last month, when they showed up at Hollywood restaurant The Nice Guy to put on a show for diners.

Devastated by the news? Share your thoughts, and tell us if you think the Bieber/Simpson collaboration will eventually happen someday.

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