Justin Bieber's hanger-ons Lil Twist and Lil Za want to be known for more than crashing Bieber's cars. The dynamic, possibly devilish duo are actually -- wait for it -- pitching a reality show about their lives to MTV.

TMZ caught up with Lil Za, who's usually regarded as the less-troublesome of the two. He revealed, "Twist is actually about to pitch a TV show with MTV ... Hopefully they pick it up. They will though ... it's quite entertaining."

Za, who's trying to break into acting, added that Lil Twist has new music coming out, for which the series would be a promotional vehicle (not to be confused with the physical vehicles Twist wrecks regularly).

When asked if the Biebs would be on the show, Za nodded. "Here and there," he acknowledged, "but Bieber's about to go on tour."

As for Scooter Braun's contentious relationship with Twist, who the wunderkind manager is said to have tried booting from Biebs' crib, Za said, "Twist is in the house right now." Guess we know who Bieber sided with there!

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