Lil Twist doesn't do much besides wreak havoc in Justin Bieber's cars, and he continued his jackass streak this week. The rapper (we guess) went all out this time and got a DUI in Bieber's whip.

Twist, born Christopher Lynn Moore, was pulled over around 3:30AM PST on Parkway Calabasas on his way to Bieber's Calabasas, Calif. mansion (because where else does this kid hang out?).

TMZ reports that police pulled Twist over for speeding (because he never learns his lesson). When officers approached the vehicle -- Bieber's ultra-conspicuous chromed out Fisker Karma -- it was apparent that Twist was under the influence.

However, he wasn't under the influence of booze.

Translation: Lil Twist was high as a kite behind the wheel of Bieber's ride. Twist was arrested, taken to a nearby police station and booked for a DUI charge.

Here's hoping this is the wake up call Bieber needs to get new friends. Or to at least keep a closer eye on his godforsaken keys.

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