Jacque Rae Pyle (her first name is pronounced like "Jackie") is excited about her leopard-print shoes and her acting projects. But the cuter-than-a-button brunette is also excited about her new "BF" Justin Bieber.

While the actress says they've known each other for nearly a decade and that their "relationship" grows daily, she stopped short of calling herself his girlfriend and the heir apparent to Selena Gomez.

"We've been friends since 2009, I was 14 when I met him and I am 19 now. Our relationship grows each day and gets better," she said. That statement there seems to be confirmation of "something" between herself and the biggest teen idol on the planet.

But her next statement about the coolest thing he's ever done for her calls their status into question. She said, "There hasn't been anything romantic, but recently we went to the Bahamas and it was a private island. It was the best week of my life."

That's a big statement there, but she also clarified that they embarked on the vacation with a group of friends and they swam with sharks and played with pigs that swam. How exciting!

The interviewer seems to be prodding her about it being a boyfriend-girlfriend thing but Pyle, who says she does read what Beliebers say on Twitter, never flat out calls the Biebs her man.

The mystery of Justin Bieber's dating life deepens...

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