Justin Bieber's precious Ferrari was damaged when his friend, bad influence and drug buddy Lil Twist, took it out for a joy ride and bottomed out while leaving the Four Seasons driveway in Beverly Hills.

Repairs for a pricey ride like that can drain a bank account -- but no worries. Rich people are rich because they don't have to pay for things, you guys! For example, the Four Seasons is ponying up the cash to fix the car because they really should have made their parking lot Ferrari-proof. Derp.

The repairs are estimated to cost $8,000 to $10,000, which is chump change to the Biebs, but the hotel is more than happy to take care of it anyway.

Hey, Four Seasons, our student loans were also damaged there. Call us?

Twist and Justin were staying at the Four Seasons on New Year's when Twist decided to take the car out for a spin, peeling out of the driveway like a jackass and damaging the ride in the process. This was the same night that Twist was stopped by police, during which an intrepid paparazzo got out to take a photograph and was struck and killed by another vehicle.

Yet Twist isn't footing the bill for anything, car or death-wise. Instead, Charlie Sheen swooped in to help take care of the latter.

But maybe it's time for Justin to start hiding his car keys.

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