Justin Bieber's pals Lil' Za and Lil' Twist (in our minds, short for Little Pizza and Little Milton Bradley Game) have again proven what great influences they are on the tween sensation -- this time, they were caught on camera driving recklessly, cussing out locals and just generally being punks in Justin's ritzy Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood.

TMZ obtained video shot by a neighbor that shows the two -- one in Justin's Land Rover, the other in his Ferrari -- bobbing and weaving at speeds well above the 25 mph posted speed limit.

When the neighbor, camera rolling, followed them up to the gated community where Bieber (and presumably the neighbor) lives, things got heated. "What's that for?" Za asks about the camera, to which the woman replies, "Speeding."

When she questions whether he actually lives there, Za gets out of his car and insists, "I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do."

Eventually, after a tense few minutes, he pulls his car around and says "F--k you. Get the f--k out of here." Which is pretty ironic, because we assume she's actually a property owner there.

If you live in the area, memorize these faces and get out of the way if you see them, because living with Justin Bieber apparently gives you carte blanche to break laws. (Also, isn't it about time one or both of these guys actually got jobs of their own?)

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