We're big fans of Ice-T around here (go ahead, ask how many episodes of 'SVU' our editor has seen and how many of his albums she has). But we have to think the Ice from the Body Count days would beat the pansy ass of the Ice of today who whines about his woman on Twitter.

Seems he and wife Coco, stars of the reality show 'Ice Loves Coco,' had a very public tiff this weekend -- in 140 characters or less, of course.

The story goes that Ice was upset that Coco posed for some mildly suggestive photos with rapper AP.9, and he took to the microblogging site to air his grievances because apparently nothing these days can be hammered out in the privacy of one's own home.

Photos that surfaced via AP.9's now deleted Instagram account showed Coco making kissy faces while AP.9 nuzzled her (when he wasn't staring at her rack, of course) in Las Vegas after her burlesque performance at Peep Show.

While innocent by, say, Rihanna standards, they weren't exactly the kind of photos a married chick should be posing for. Especially one wed to a guy who used to be in a gangsta rap group.

When people were understandably confused, Coco took to the internet to clear the whole thing up. And by "clear the whole thing up" we mean she told everyone to calm down the eff down already and said she still loved her husband.

Coco on Twitter

While she seemingly brushed the whole thing off, Ice was not so easily appeased. He went on a lengthy Twitter tirade (those missives have since been deleted):

Ice-T Twitter rant against Coco

In response - hopefully after the couple actually spoke in person and not just after seeing the various Twitter messages on each other's pages - Coco sent out a public apology, owning up to any wrongdoings.

She also thanked all her fans for their support, but the whole thing must have blown over pretty quickly because according to a post Monday morning, all is well in the T household.

As for AP.9, he's wisely lying low -- or he's in witness protection and currently an accountant living in Peoria. Time will tell.

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