Coco wanted to do a bit of her own amateur meteorological reporting Monday night just before Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, so she put on her best Land’s End weather-proof pole dancing warm-up suit and went out on the balcony to show us all how “the rain hurts your face when it touches you.”

Now this is what we call "doing the weather."

Ice-T's brave spouse took her life into her own hands when she stepped outside in the “incredible wind” and rain with just a thin jacket and almost nothing to cover her rack. In a noble effort to report on the weather situation in Edgewater, N.J., Coco braved her breezy balcony to show her YouTube fans how soaked she was in the wind that was “pushing drops in your eyes.”

The video shows an eerie scene of empty streets, an invisible New York across the Hudson, and giant man-made boobies bouncing about in the elements. As Coco so eloquently put it between gusts of wind, “It’s so cool, but scary at the same time.”

Pay no attention to the fact that throughout the entire video it seems as though she’s hoping for some kind of wardrobe malfunction as she keeps checking out her own cleavage. Just be amazed by how wet she gets by standing out in a rainstorm, and then wait to hear about her gig on the newly-created Playboy Weather Channel.

Despite the massive flooding going on in the New York region, we're pretty sure she'll be fine. After all, she has her own floatation devices.

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