It's over! Royal Baby fever is finally over! Thank you, Twitter, for ceasing to care. Instead, today (July 24) was all about making new friends, getting birthday wishes from the old, and reminding people to watch/buy your new product.

Donald Faison is super stoked that someone in One Direction followed him.


We don't know about the rest of you, but we think one famous Bieber is enough.


Cupcakes are apparently part of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine diet.


Katy Perry's new perfume is just a Queen rip-off, right?


Ice T is impressed by Anthony Weiner's imagination.


Adam Lambert spent his day being thoroughly amused by the gender-swapped 'Blurred Lines' parody.


Don't forget, someone gave the Insane Clown Posse their own television show!


Mr. T. will not conform to society's rules. Even on Twitter.


Part of us hopes that Brandi Glanville is throwing shade at someone.


Rob Corddry should stop bogarting the new-age poetry.


Misha Collins' epic scavenger hunt GISHWHES starts again soon.


Mara Wilson is thrilled that people remembered her birthday.


And "Modern Family' writer Danny Zuker doesn't want us to forget what fast food workers are doing to the things we eat.

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