Death Wish
Not resigned to just being that guy who elicited a Twitter rant from Ice-T after making kissy faces with Ice's wife Coco all over Instagram (and shopping around an alleged sex tape), rapper AP.9 went on hip-hop radio station 106KMEL to tell his whole side of the story.
He's either got huge …
Ice Still Loves Coco
After rumors that an Ice-T and Coco split was imminent, we launched into a state of despair, desperation and depression because it's Ice-T and Coco and they need to be together forever.
Hot (Water) Coco
In today's news that won't possibly end well, Ice-T's beloved buxom wife, Coco, probably has a sex tape.
And it's not with Ice-T. Now you see why it won't possibly end well.
Ice + Coco
We're big fans of Ice-T around here (go ahead, ask how many episodes of 'SVU' our editor has seen and how many of his albums she has). But we have to think the Ice from the Body Count days would beat the pansy ass of the Ice of today who whines about his woman on Twitter.
Seems he and wife Coco, star…