Not resigned to just being that guy who elicited a Twitter rant from Ice-T after making kissy faces with Ice's wife Coco all over Instagram (and shopping around an alleged sex tape), rapper AP.9 went on hip-hop radio station 106KMEL to tell his whole side of the story.

He's either got huge balls for challenging Ice-T like this, or he's stupid. Or both. We're not sure.

Lest you forget, Ice-T wasn't always a detective on 'Law & Order: SVU.' Before he became a TV cop, he rapped about killing them with his band Body Count, was a legitimate member of the Crips street gang, and also served four years in the Army.

What we're saying is Ice knows his way around heat.

Seems, however, that AP.9 either doesn't know or doesn't care, as he's now shared private photos of a half-nude Coco, showed off an exclusive with Star magazine about how they got it on and even took screenshots of text messages between himself and Ice (who supposedly knows full well what went down).

As AP claimed in his radio interview, Coco wanted to meet him and invited him over to her table in Vegas. He then “smashed her down” several times after meeting her. But he's no homewrecker. “I'm not the one [who's] married," he said. "She took those vows, not me.”

“You ain't gonna make me look like I'm stalking you. I could be known as the dude that was banging Coco or the dude that was stalking Coco,” AP added, saying Coco unfairly tried to play it off like he was her super fan.

Despite rumors, Ice and Coco are allegedly still together. Because Ice will always love Coco. Theirs is a love eternal and you can't tell us otherwise.

But AP? Dude. This might be a good time to adopt a pseudonym and disappear -- before Ice finds a way to make you vanish against your will.

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