Dame Helen Mirren acted decidedly un-royal during a weekend performance of her play 'The Audience' in London, storming onto the street to tell a group of street drummers to "shut the f--- up."

Did we mention she was dressed as Queen Elizabeth at the time?

Mirren was in the middle of performing when a line of drummers promoting a music festival began marching the streets outside of the theater.

The Sun reports that the cacophony reached a point where no one in the theater could hear the stage performance, so the 67-year-old actress laid down the law (without parliamentary approval) by leaving the theater -- in full monarch regalia -- to disperse them.

"She said people had paid ‘a lot of f---ing money’ to watch her show and that we were ‘f---ing ruining it’," said Joe O’Leary, one of the drummers. "It was strange to see this little woman in tiara and pearls shouting like that. It’s not the behaviour you’d expect from the Queen.”

Returning to the theater, Mirren apologized to the audience and the show went on. Witness Ben Scotchbrook recalled, “She laughed as she said she’d told them ‘not too politely to go away.’ She got a standing ovation at the end.”

God save Helen Mirren.

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