Naked Photos

10 Stars Who Accidentally Shared Nude Photos
Technology is a tricky thing, and it's apparently made it easier to accidentally share naked photos of yourself with the world -- in this case not because someone stole them, but because you inadvertently posted them yourself. Whoops.
Within this list, you will find some not very tech-savvy celebs wh…
10 Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies
The selfie is the highest art form of the social media world, and occasionally celebs like to share self-taken photos other than naked snapshots or flattering, filtered full makeup pictures.
Nicki Minaj Goes Topless On Instagram [PHOTO]
If the sight of female rapper Nicki Minaj accidentally busting out of her top during her various wardrobe malfunctions wasn't enough, now she's purposefully sharing her breasts.
No worries, though. She covers up the parts that need to be censored with her hair, like some sort of hip-hop mer…
Gaga Goes Nude
Lady Gaga is no stranger to being unclothed, but this shot of the pop star au natural in minimal makeup and tousled hair isn't usually how we see her in the buff.
For example, why isn't she simultaneously swimming in a bathtub full of cereal? Why is nothing on fire?
Naked Revenge
Model Liberty Ross finally filed for divorce from husband Rupert Sanders -- months after he was caught by paparazzi sucking face with his 'Snow White and the Huntsman' leading lady Kristen Stewart. (Adding insult to injury, Ross had just played Stewart's mother in the movie. Yeesh.)
Now Sanders -- an…
Naked Again
Rihanna is fast becoming the world's most famous exhibitionist. In fact, these days it would be a lot more scintillating if she'd just put something on.
This time around, you'll find her wearing only a leather jacket on the December cover of GQ.
'That's a Wrizzap'
In another photo taken by a mystery camera-person, Rihanna has once again shown us she's not shy. This time she appeared in only the jewelry, lingerie and shoes from her Victoria Secret Fashion Show performance on Wednesday night.
4: Kate Middleton
The tabloids just can’t leave the poor Duchess of Cambridge alone. Even after humiliating her by publishing surreptitiously-captured photos of her rack taken while she was on vacation, one last week also released pics of her royal hiney.