Common knowledge says that most sex tape starlets have poor relationships with their fathers.

Farrah Abraham wants to kick that stereotype, so she brought her dad Michael and her daughter Sophia to negotiate her sex tape deal, thus making her eligible for both the Daughter and Mother of the Year titles.

When TMZ caught up with the former 'Teen Mom' starlet (probably because she tipped them off to her whereabouts), she bragged about how supportive her family is and about the wonderful feedback she's gotten on her shows, her book and her sex tape.

"If I didn't get good feedback, I wouldn't be releasing it," she said simply.

When the cameraman asked Farrah's father if he was okay with her releasing the tape, a visibly uncomfortable senior Abraham replied, "I'm here to support my daughter ... the tape's her business, like I've always said. This is not going to mess up our relationship ... That's why I'm here to support her."

And it gets creepier still when the cameraman asserts, "I'm sure you'll be here every step of the way." Really, bro?

And you know you're in bad shape when Steve Hirsch -- the kingpin of Vivid Video -- sideeyes you.

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