Farrah Abraham became famous for being a 'Teen Mom,' then infamous for becoming a 'Back Door Teen Mom.'

And now she's apparently afraid of becoming a 'Single Porn Star Mom.'

TMZ cameras "caught" Abraham at a drug store in full makeup, a dress and heels buying an EPT home pregnancy test in a not-at-all staged (it was totally staged) photo-op.

Sources told TMZ that Abraham wasn't on birth control when she and James Deen filmed the faux-"private" sex tape -- and we know Deen didn't wear a condom, either.

Maybe she's just a really, really slow learner?

Thankfully, despite Deen's Jimmy Dean not being wrapped up, Abraham probably isn't preggers, because babies typically don't come in through the back door. Or through one's eyes. (If you've seen the vid, you'll get that.)