For those of you waiting to see Courtney Stodden in the nude, here's your chance. Because even though Playboy shot her down, Girls & Corpses has come to the rescue.

The magazine, which bills itself as "Maxim Magazine meets Dawn Of The Dead," profiles beautiful women alongside disgusting, gore-soaked fake bodies.

(This is what happens when you demand abstinence-only education, America.)

Not long ago, Courtney said that she was open to nudity, so long as it was tastefully done or "something that you would normally do naturally when you're in the nude." You know, like snuggling an oozing cadaver.

Court pimped the pages on her Twitter account, promising people who actually buy the mag will get the uncensored version. And with that, she joins other illustrious Girls & Corpses alumni like porn star and former California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey.

Good luck in Z-list porn, Courtney!

Courtney Stodden Girls & Corpses
Girls & Corpses

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