Farrah Abraham showed up to Exxxotica 2013 in Fort Lauderdale this weekend to hawk signed copies of that video where she let James Deen pick the lock on her backdoor, and she was largely left alone.

The teen mom was selling DVDs and posters (signed for a small fee), and also taking pictures with people, so long as they weren't concerned for their health.

But things rarely go according to plan, and when Hollywoodtuna caught up with her on the first night of the convention, she was mostly sitting alone at a table, checking her texts and pretending to play it cool -- even though inside her head she was playing the dejected Charlie Brown song.

The people who attend these conventions have high hopes. They want to meet porn stars. Real porn stars, with whom they feel they have a strange, unsettling relationship. And despite her best efforts, Farrah doesn't really qualify. And it's never a good sign when the Ron Jeremy booth gets more traffic than yours.

But DrunkenStepfather (site is not always SFW) was there, too, and reported that things picked up a bit on the second day when someone -- cough, cough -- called the paps and she was ambushed by a sea of flashing bulbs instead of just sweaty men who illegally downloaded footage of her copulating.

So in the end she sold a number of signed photos and successfully pretended she wasn't completely disgusted by the people who actually wanted to meet her.

You know, like a Disney movie.

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