Bad news for those of you who wanted to drain $15K on something stained with Farrah Abraham's boob sweat: eBay cancelled an auction featuring the crystal-encrusted bikini Farrah wore on the cover of 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom' -- because it hadn't been washed since she last wore it.

Vivid Entertainment, the company behind the porno, listed the blingy pink swimsuit at a starting bid of $500 -- a number that skyrocketed to $14,700 before the auction was yanked.

TMZ reports that Vivid received an email from eBay stating:

"Due to health and hygiene concerns our policy does not allow used clothing to be listed on the site unless the item has been washed first."

Vivid reps say they plan to wash the garment, stripping it of its Farrah-mones (sorry), and will re-list it in a few days -- when you can add it to your MTV collectibles shelf right next to Carson Daly's wisdom teeth.

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