Farrah Abraham used her talents wisely. Her professionally shot and released porn, which she initially tried to pass off as a leaked sex tape, has already pretty much broken the internet.

Abraham's 'Back Door Teen Mom' crashed Vivid's website because it generated so much traffic, smashing fellow sex tape star Kim Kardashian's record.

Abraham garnered over 2 million visitors to Vivid's site within 12 hours of the video's release, compared to Kardashian's 600,000 within the same time frame -- although, in fairness, Kim wasn't a known commodity when her tape was released (it was the tape that made her so), and the internet in 2007 had a much different landscape than the internet of today.

Regardless, the former 'Teen Mom' star's newfound popularity also earned her an endorsement deal with Raspberry Tones, a diet pill. The maker of Raspberry Tones insists it was her bikini photos, like the one above, and not necessarily her "acting" debut that made the company pay her six figures to shill the pill. (But not the pill, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about her at all.)