Eddie Cibrian once pretended to take the high road in the ongoing feud between his current wife, LeAnn Rimes, and his spurned former wife, Brandi Glanville -- but all that “good faith” was thrown to the wayside when Glanville wrote the scathing book 'Drinking & Tweeting.'

So Cibrian took to Instagram to mock her. Of course.

In response to the book's announcement, which Glanville thinks could bring about a cease-and-desist letter from the cheating couple, Rimes and Cibrian posted a photo of themselves drinking with an intriguing and obviously shade-throwing caption.

"Drinking and Instagramming, what? My new book title,” Cibrian joked on Jan. 23 on his since-deleted Instagram account, accompanied by a picture of him and his wife looking sloppy and taking shots.

Rimes defended her husband, saying he never posted the photo. In response to someone linking her to an article about the incident and implying the couple was mocking Glanville's book title, Rimes replied, “Since he didn't tweet that and that was over two years ago ... it's the other way around.”

Is she implying that Glanville posted the photo herself? That she named the book after the caption? That Eddie was hacked? Who knows. Learn to use your words, LeAnn.

Thus the never-ending feud continues. With Glanville's book release set for Feb. 12, we're sure it'll only get worse. Meaning LeAnn -- or, as Brandi calls her in the memoir, “whats-her-face” -- has a rough road ahead of her.

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