Dina Lohan had a truly happy hour at the Grove this week, and cameras caught the proud, possibly drunk mom of Lindsay shopping and offering unsolicited childcare services to strangers.

Radar Online caught Lohan leaving Happy Hour at Morel's Steakhouse looking fine but sounding baffled. Sounds like Lohan may have had a liquid lunch.

After deflecting compliments on her jacket -- apparently Lilo purchased it for her despite being broke -- Lohan wondered aloud if she'd get hit by a train (she walked near the trolley tracks) and denied any issues getting a hotel with her daughter, who's in town for court. (What, you thought she'd be working? You must be new.)

Lohan then assured her own future plans include "working," though it's unclear as to on what.

Then she said she'd adopt a small child that passed by ... or just babysit her.

The kid's mom responded by asking the little girl, "Do you want to take a picture with Lindsay Lohan's mommy?" Thing is, the girl likely wasn't born when the daughter Lohan was relevant, so her reaction was appropriate: She handed Dina a flower petal, which Dina offered to throw away.

Just like her own daughter's chance at a normal life, career and criminal record.

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