If you ever want to dress up like the caricature of a hooker, Courtney Stodden's closet would be one-stop shopping for the costume.

Stodden and her pedophile husband Doug Hutchison – who we really hope was wearing a fedora with a big purple feather - showed up to celebrate the King of Thailand's 85th birthday looking like a pimp and his very best girl.

In her slinky gold lame dress, clear plastic stripper shoes and a white fur stole, the 18-year-old child bride flashed a lot of leg and seductively heaved her bosom for the photographers, one of whom could be heard saying, “We gotta make her the next Anna Nicole.”

Maybe it's just us, but “we gotta make her the next Anna Nicole” sounds an awful lot like a death threat.

The same photog could also be heard asking the other shutterbugs if Hugh Hefner had seen Stodden yet because "I think he'd go nuts.”

Sorry pal, you're barking up the wrong tree. Not only has the Playboy empire already taken a pass, Courtney only does tasteful black and white porn.

Weirdly enough, this party was a mixed martial arts sporting event called 'Muay Thai in America: In Honor of the King' that was televised live on pay-per-view.

Yes, pay-per-view. Where Courtney is likely to be a staple in a year or two.

Regardless, she tweeted her excitement at being included in this prestigious event afterwards:

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