Remember that time Courtney Stodden bonded with a fake corpse on the cover of Girls & Corpses magazine? Now there's video to go with it.

The behind-the-scenes footage, which lasts just over a minute, shows Stodden hamming it up for the camera with a leg draped over her partner, presenting you and your family with a great opportunity to play "spot the plastic body parts."

Courtney's really showing some range here. Need someone to coach you on vegetable lasagna? She can do that. Need a door greeter for your strip club's Easter extravaganza? She can do that!  Does your dead grandfather need to be coddled a bit? Courtney's on the case.

It's a rare combination of talents, so maybe she can combine the culinary and the necromancy by doing craft services on the next George Romero film.

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