Courtney Stodden, your favorite 18-going-on-40 media darling, can now add "making sex tapes" to her list of talents, right below "making duck faces" and "not wearing clothes."

Piggybacking on the success of Farrah Abraham's recent porn video, Courtney announced to E! News that she, too, made a sex tape. But unlike Farrah, she's actually keeping it private -- for now, at least.

The tape, purportedly shot soon after the starlet actress corpse hugger turned 18 in August, features Stodden in a solo situation, if you catch our drift. So If you wanted to see husband Doug Hutchison in the buff, look elsewhere (and seek treatment).

"I don't want to put any images in people's mind," she said, while totally putting images in people's minds. "I'm gonna leave it up to you guys to think what you want."

Oh, Courtney. We see what you're doing here.

She says the video is not online and will not be found on her computer, adding, "Hackers, don't even go there cause you'll find nothing."

Court also revealed possible plans for a Playboy pictorial, saying she's holding off on the idea right now. "They haven't seen any nude photos of me yet -- I haven't submitted any to them," she said. (Maybe because they've publicly said they don't want any?)

"You can keep it classy and be naked at the same time," Courtney asserted, and we agree -- as long as it's in black and white, of course.

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