Chris Brown and parking lots just don't mix. Or rather, Chris Brown and mundane social situations do not a good time make. This time around, Brown flipped out on a valet who was just doing his job by asking for a small parking fee.

Ponder this: What would you do if your net worth was $24 million and a lowly parking attendant asked you for $10? You'd probably pay it. Even the average person would pay it without too much of a fuss.

But since Chris Brown is apparently not your average person, he instead had his posse surround the valet who said he couldn't release the car without being paid, all while Breezy yelled such charming utterances as, “F--- your ten dollars!!!”

The story goes that Brown was in the Studio City area at PINZ bowling alley to attend a charity event, and he didn't check to see how much it would cost to leave his ride in the lot. Supposedly, he was upset because he was only at the event for half an hour and thought the attendant was trying to rip him off.

He eventually left at the urging of his group, who claimed they had the money and would take care of it. No word on whether Brown himself ever came up off the ten-spot -- but it's probably a safe bet the valet didn't get a tip.

Here's the same incident from a different angle:

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