Maybe this is why Chris Brown lost his ish with that parking valet last night -- seems earlier yesterday, he had such harsh words with a longtime bodyguard that the dude wasn't even allowed to board a flight home with notoriously hot-tempered R&B star.

The problems began when Brown's private jet set down in Bermuda to refuel. According to The Bermuda Sun, three people left the plane, including Breezy -- but only two got back on.

Each member of Brown's posse went through customs and was re-boarding when Brown's friend and bodyguard, Big Pat, came back in and told airport personnel he had some sort of spat with Brown. As a result, Pat never got back on the plane, which took off shortly after.

Stuck in Bermuda, Pat managed to catch a Jet Blue flight back to New York. Guess his past loyalties, including taking a bottle upside the head during that infamous nightclub fight between Chris and Drake, were all for naught.

Then again, we probably should have seen this coming. Breezy's no stranger to throwing hissy fits -- and fists -- but at least he had the good sense not to get physical with a guy named Big Pat.

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