Chris Brown may have escaped trouble in that nightclub assault, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's become a fine upstanding citizen.

This time? An alleged hit and run involving a car accident could violate his probation.

You may remember that not long ago, Brown rear-ended a Mercedes and possibly gave fake insurance information to the driver before leaving the scene of the crime -- and as a result of that, he's now had two criminal charges filed against him by the L.A. city attorney.

He's been charged with a hit and run for leaving after giving the fake info, and has also been slapped with a "driving without a valid license" charge. Both crimes carry a maximum sentence of six months in jail for each individual offense. (But don't count on it -- Brown's previously dodged jail time for possible fraudulent community service and a parking space brawl.)

The city attorney will also be bringing the charges to the attention of the L.A. county district attorney to see if Brown violated his probation (the one he's under for the 2009 beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna). If it's determined that he did, he could get four years in jail.

Which is, again, highly unlikely. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

Chris Brown, on the other hand, just had more denials to make, writing on his Twitter account:

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