Just in case you didn't think Chris Brown could possibly be more offensive, he's gone and proven you wrong with his Arab terrorist-themed Halloween costume. And rest assured -- or not so assured -- he's not alone in douchebaggery, as he has four equally horrible friends willing to complete the terror cell theme.

Regardless, please direct your most intense look of hatred and disgust at the bearded person in the middle who's aiming the (hopefully) fake machine-gun.

Brown shared the photo on Instagram Wednesday night with the caption, “Ain't nobody F**king wit my clique!!!#ohb,” causing the photo sharing service to weep at being used so disgracefully.

Dude. Just post pictures of your food like everyone else.

As if this weren't disturbing enough, the group dressed like a possible Taliban reference to party at maybe girlfriend and perpetual punching bag Rihanna's house, where she was holding a Halloween bash.

When fans and detractors took to the internet to comment on the tasteless costumes (with seemingly no knowledge of the proper use of the English language of course), Brown's mother, the clinically clueless “Mom Breezy,” stepped in to remind people that racial insensitivity is okay on holidays rooted in paganism.

If anything good comes of this, perhaps Chris Brown will be placed on some sort of terrorist watch list.

One can hope, anyway.

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