5 Celebrities Who Almost Look Better As Zombies
On AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' our planet is overrun with flesh-eating zombies. And while Snooki, Donald Trump, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan aren't quite pretty enough to play the undead, we have the fix for that.
We've zombie-fied those annoying individuals to …
7 Celebrity-Inspired Halloween Dog Costumes
Dog-owners have been putting their canine kids in costumes for years -- who among us hasn't seen a Dachshund dressed as a hot dog or a tiny little Chihuahua in a tutu? And yeah, they're cute and everything, but yawn. Whatever.
Bring a celebrity slant to it, though, and everything changes...
Look Ma, No Shirt
After a night of partying at your own soiree dressed as a bride of marijuana, what's the etiquette for alerting the internet to the amount of fun and debauchery you had? Why, a topless photo, of course.
At least that would be your top answer if you were Rihanna.
Mirror Images
Halloween is a fun day for a lot of shows, but with the weather situation this year, a lot of programs canceled their annual celebrations. But on Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres did us a huge favor and gave us something awesome to laugh at.
She dolled herself up as fellow Cover Girl spokesmodel Sofia Verg…
7: Christina Aguilera
Halloween is a great time for adults to dress up as something they aren't without running the risk of being taken away in a straight jacket for thinking they're a superhero or a fairy or Sponge Bob Squarepants.
For some adults, it’s also a good time to openly dress as something they really are witho…
Land Ho
At a Saturday night Halloween party sponsored by Midori, Kim Kardashian (who doesn't go anywhere unless she's paid to) stuck with the melon liqueur's green theme by dolling herself up as a rather bedraggled-looking mermaid, complete with a sailor in the form of Kanye West.