Ginnifer Goodwin and Valorie Curry may share oddly-spelled first names and pageboy haircuts, but on television they couldn't be more different.

While Goodwin plays the sweet-as-pie but sword-wielding Snow White on the 'Fables' rip-off 'Once Upon a Time,' Valorie Curry is Emma, the malicious right-hand-woman to cult leader and Edgar Allan Poe enthusiast Joe Carroll on FOX's thriller 'The Following.'

Ginnifer has been in the showbiz circuit since 2000, appearing on the television show 'Big Love,' in the female-driven 'Mona Lisa Smile' and as Johnny Cash's wife Vivian in the biopic 'Walk the Line.'

Valorie started acting five years later, appearing in the cult hit 'Veronica Mars' and as Charlotte in the final 'Twilight' film 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' before landing her role on 'The Following.'