Evan Peters and Bill Skarsgard are a match made in big-eyed, paranormal television show heaven. Be still our beating hearts. (Which we have hidden under the floorboards.)

Peters is best known for his work on the Ryan Murphy-helmed FX series, 'American Horror Story,' with the actor portraying the murderous Tate in season one and the wrongly-accused Kit in season two's completely new plot line 'Asylum.' He and his puppy-dog eyes will also appear in the show's third season, titled 'Coven.'

As you most likely guessed, Bill Skarsgard is the younger brother of 'True Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard (hence the matching Swedish names). He can currently be found on Eli Roth's made-for-Netflix horror series 'Hemlock Grove' as Roman Godfrey, the wealthy, possibly supernatural heir to the Godfrey fortune.