Before you start calling us crazy, hear us out on this. Rocker Alice Cooper and comedian Steve Carell may not seem like perfect matches, but that's because you're distracted by all the wrong things.

Don't let Cooper's tan skin, crazy hair, affection for makeup or the 15-year age difference fool you -- look closely and you'll see he and Carell share the same eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. We could do a face swap right now and you wouldn't know who was who. Really.

While Cooper is known for his onstage persona of bringing horror movies and glam rock to life, Steve Carell only recently became known as that weird dude who dresses up in skin tight clothing, gets fake baked, whitens his teeth and bedazzles everything when he took on the role of a magician in his latest film 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.'

Sadly, magicians never smile so we couldn't get a good enough comparison for a Burt Wonderstone/Alice Cooper side-by-side.

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