'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' is known for its strange recurring sketches, including one called “Real People, Fake Arms” in which actors replace their arms with mannequin arms. (Trust us, it's much funnier than it sounds.)

The premise for the latest version of the gag was this: Steve Carell and Jimmy Fallon once appeared on a Canadian soap opera together called 'Jacob's Patience,' but Carell refused to use his delicate arms in any of the scenes, which forced everyone on the show to use fake arms. Oh, and Justin Timberlake was involved, too.

With Carell as a double-suit wearing co-owner of a suit shop, week-long guest Timberlake as a 'Suit & Tie' expert and Fallon as their giggling customer, the skit also featured some N'Sync jokes, some singing and some genital fondling. As all good sketches do.

We don't know why we doubted that Fallon and company couldn't top a barbershop quintet version of 'SexyBack.' Because clearly, they pulled it off.

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