If Coco Rocha and Ashley Greene's strong bone structure makes them look alike, it's only because they're both models (or at least used to be) and are therefore required to have cheekbones capable of cutting steaks.

Rocha is a Canadian fashion model who does what models generally do: stay wafer thin and walk up and down runways while looking pouty and pissed off about being there. She's also involved in various philanthropic projects, and in 2009, Vogue Paris named her one of the top 30 models of the decade.

Greene rose to prominence in 2008 after landing a role in the 'Twilight Saga' as psychic vampire Alice Cullen. (If you don't recognize her, imagine her wearing gold contact lenses, sparkling in the sun and sporting a terrible wig.) She also appeared in the short-lived television series 'Pan Am.' Later this year, you can catch her in the film 'CBGB' about the legendary New York rock club.

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