No, that was not Lena Dunham on a re-run of the '30 Rock' episode 'Standards and Practices' last night -- that was actress and improv comedienne Nicole Drespel.

Dunham has been making waves as the writer/director/star of the HBO dramedy 'Girls,' on which she plays the constantly nude Hannah. Since the show's inception last year, Dunham has won two Golden Globes and landed a $3.7 million book deal. (Just don't talk about her proposal or she'll sue you.) When she's not figuring out ways to make Brian Williams uncomfortable, you can usually find her on Twitter stirring up one controversy or other.

Drespel, on the other hand, guested on the dearly departed NBC sitcom '30 Rock' in 2012 as the least-loved of all Jenna's biological children (created from eggs she donated in college). Nicole also appeared as Fennel in the one and only season of USA's 'Vag Magazine,' and you can currently catch her performing in the NYC improv groups Teenage Cop and Against All Odds.

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