Back in the day, '80s child actor and 'The Two Coreys' star Corey Feldman was super cool, and apparently he hasn't gone out of style -- because musician Skrillex kind of looks like a modern-day Corey Feldman. (It helps that they both love wearing sunglasses inside.)

Skrillex is an electronic musician whose signature style creation involved shaving off part of his hair and somehow getting other celebs (including ladies) to follow suit. He may not look like it, but this alternative artist has a total of six Grammy awards.

Feldman was super big in the '80s, appearing in fan-favorite movies like 'The Goonies,' 'Stand By Me,' 'Gremlins' and 'The Lost Boys,' and starring in the television series 'The Bad News Bears.' In his childhood he was friends with Michael Jackson, whom he blames for a later downward spiral (seems to be trendy to pin MJ with all one's problems lately).

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