Wade Robson posthumously accused Michael Jackson of molesting him as a child last week, something that MJ's nephew, Taj Jackson -- son of Tito Jackson -- says he knows is false. Specifically because his uncle comforted him after he was molested by another family member.

(We'd ask what the hell is wrong with this family, but it's a question for the ages.)

Taj chose to respond to the accusations on Twitter, using dollar signs in place of the letter "S" to intimate that Robson is just dragging his uncle's name through the mud for the cash:

Taj is referring to a letter MJ wrote to Taj's mother Dolores "Dee Dee" Jackson (presumably after the molestation incident) which reads, "Dee Dee, Please read this article about child molestation and read it to Taj, T.J. and Taryll. It brings out how even your own relatives can be molesters of children, or even uncles or aunts molesting nephew or nieces. Please read. Love MJ."

Robson, meanwhile, has had his first interview about his accusations, wherein he addressed what happened and why he didn't come forward sooner. Many find his claims rather suspicious, especially considering Michael's family is currently embroiled in a wrongful death suit.

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