Retired millionaire, live-action art project and birthday girl Amanda Bynes missed court yesterday in her suspended license case, but was still spotted running around New York City with brand new red extensions.

However, as the now 27-year-old Bynes explained on Twitter in some since-deleted messages, that girl who looks just like her -- cheek piercings, jewelry and all -- wasn't really her, but a duplicate who pretends to be her.


Anyone else think we're now just days away from Amanda Bynes claiming she's awaiting transmissions from her alien overlords?

Check out the screenshots of her Twitter messages below for proof that the end of her sanity is nigh. Assuming it's not gone already. For reference, here's the so-called impostor.

Amanda Bynes Twitter

So according to Bynes, someone in NYC gets her jollies trying to be Amanda Bynes? That sounds like a pretty weird hobby.

Although for someone who regularly tweets bizarre nonsensical missives and wants rappers to murder her nether regions, we guess this is all completely normal.

Amanda Bynes Judge GIF

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